Volunteers, Assistants & Multidisciplinary Researchers

Volunteers, Assistants & Multidisciplinary Researchers are welcome to collaborate in the research project “The Matrix-Q Translator”  by the Matrix-Q Research Institute

Hypothesis: “Natural, human and artificial phenomena can be translated into cyphers and algorithms”

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.12490.26561

Candidates may apply to our e-mail address, and commit from at least 9×170 min/mo

The Matrix-Q Translator Project goal is to develop a Matrix-Q Tool which is able to read and organize, identify and recognize, nature inspired language and translate it into cyphers, algorithms, and Matrix-Q PSL & PSPL Languages (Primordial Symbolic Language, & Primordial Symbolic Programming Language)

DETAILS: A translator of this kind will communicate fields of study, principles, methods, tools and knowledge utilized by ancient cultures and civilizations through geometrical values (structures) as well as through tones (frequencies) and algorithms (sequence of cyphers), which are correlated to specific cognitive skills, brain activity, body regions, emotions, behavior, archetypes, knowledge and methods and in general to 9+ classes or natural, artificial and human phenomena. ( Reference: the 9 Cyphers, publications by the Matrix-Q Research Institute)